We are only 3 kilometers from the Plaza de Armas, Museum, Colchagua Casino and the bus terminal, but with the tranquility of the countryside, surrounded by grapevines, where you can enjoy massages or baths in wooden tubs in our Spa. It is located just 1 km from the Vino Bello Restaurant, Casa Colchagua and the Laura Hartwig, Montgras and Estampa vineyards, 15 minutes by car from the Lapostolle, Montes, Viu-Manent, Neyen wineries and 40 minutes from Viña Santa Cruz

Spa Cava Colchagua

Hot tubs o baños en tinas de madera 

Ofrecemos baños en tinas de madera o hot tubs y masajes, en un ambiente pensado para el bienestar y la relajación, inserto en parronales donde podrás lograr una experiencia única.
Masajes entre nuestros parronales

En aquellos días en que estás agotado ¿qué mejor que un buen masaje entre nuestros parronales?


Colchagua Museum

Because it is a private institution, its diversity is relevant. Administered by the Cardoen Foundation, headed by the Chilean businessman Carlos Cardoen, it was inaugurated on October 20, 1995, thanks to the collection of various historical objects , so it is especially remarkable its varied theme of objects on display historical transcendence.
Located 3.2 km from Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua

Casino Enjoy Colchagua.

One of the attractions that guests of Hotel Cava Colchagua can enjoy. So we invite you to have fun in the best Casino in the region, decorated with the best traditions of the Colchagua Valley. As a result, you can enjoy in its two bars great wines, a wide range of drinks and entertaining atmosphere. You can find slot machines, in addition to 16 tables of games among which you will find: Black Jack, Craps, Corona and Anchor, Roulette, Big Six, Punta and Banca, War, Caribbean Poker and Draw Poker and a Bingo room. It is a Chilean gaming casino, it is one of the two casinos approved in 2006 by the Superintendence of Casinos of the Region OHiggins. It is owned by Enjoy and Inversiones Colchagua SA, a subsidiary of the Cardoen Group. It has 17 gaming tables, 60 bingo positions and 230 slot machines.

- Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 to 05:00 hrs.
- Friday, Saturday and Eve of Holidays from 12:00 to 07:00 hrs.
- Holidays from 12:00 to 05:00 hrs.
- Information: 072- 33 40 00


Only 10 minutes from the Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua, formed by Don Miguel Viu García in 1935 located in the Hacienda San Carlos de Cunaco in Colchagua. Vineyard of 150 hectares with warehouse and employer's house. It has attractive activities, a visitor center, La Llaveria, a bilingual staff that allows you to enjoy its services: Restaurant, Equestrian Club, Chef Studio, Tours and Events.
It has guided tours that will allow you to know the history of the vineyard, visit its vineyards, winery and visitor center. In addition guided tastings in which you can try their extraordinary wines. Standard tour value CLP $ 17.000 per person.
Located in the town of Lolol just 30 minutes from Santa Cruz, owned by businessman Carlos Cardoen. Chamán Reserva, Chamán Gran Reserva and Túpu Edición Limitada are produced. The vineyard has a cafe, restaurant, cable car that connects to Cerro Chamán, where there are replicas of houses of native peoples of Chile. Standard tour value CLP $ 20.000 per person.
Located 15 minutes from the Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua, has different tourist activities that have been developed especially for tourism such as horseback riding, bicycle tours, hiking, outdoor meals, viewpoints, among others. In addition, you can prepare your only wine by mixing up to 3 different strains.
Standard tour value CLP $ 15.000, "Make Your Own Wine" activity, CLP $ 30.000 low season and CLP $ 33.000 high season. (values ​​per person).
It is located in the Apalta Valley just 10 minutes from the Cava Colchagua Hotel. It was founded by the French family Lapostolle Bournet famous for its worldwide liquor production as well as for the production of wines in France. In Colchagua they have 370 hectares in three vineyards, with strains such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Carménère. It stands out for the architecture of its Apalta winery, where one of the most awarded wines in the area and in the world "Clos de Apalta" is produced. You can have lunch in the vineyard, they offer menus paired with Cuvee Alexandre and Clos Apalta wines. Standard tour value and tasting at Clos Apalta Winery $ 25,000.
Located just 1 km from the Hotel Cava Colchagua are its vineyards and winery, founded by Mr. Alejandro Hartwig Carte, its philosophy is directed to produce only wines of the best quality, whose destiny is to accompany and complement a gastronomy of excellence. Standard tour value CLP $ 12.000, Premium tour CLP $ 16.000 (values ​​per person).
Located just 3 km from the Hotel Cava Colchagua, founded by Mr. Manuel González Dieguez, stands out for the production of "Assemblage" wines called Estampa, of high quality. The beauty and infrastructure of its winery is internationally recognized, it keeps guided tours and tastings. Tour value Estampa CLP $ 15.000 per person. Make your own assemblage CLP $ 28.000 per person (min 6 pax).
Located just 10 minutes from the Hotel Cava Colchagua, in the valley of Apalta founded by Aurelio Montes and Douglas Murray, noted for its Montes and Montes Alpha wines, wines recognized in more than one hundred countries, including a park and gardens. Tour value CLP $ 14.000 per person.
Located 15 minutes from the Hotel Cava Colchagua. Tourists are welcomed in the visitor center by the host of the vineyard, who will accompany them to visit the centenary vineyards of the late nineteenth century that give rise to Neyen. During the tour you will learn basic notions of viticulture, to differentiate types of leaves, driving system and characteristics of the vineyard. Tour value CLP $ 22.000 per person.
It is your tour that offers you the option of enjoying one of the best views of the Apalta valley from its vantage point and taste a selection of wines from the vineyard accompanied by a delicious cheese platter. Value CLP $ 15.000 per person.
It invites you to know its high quality winery and the process of its biodynamic wines, together with the unique experience of its vineyards. You can also taste 4 of their premium wines, an organic experience. Address: Fundo Angostura s / n, San Fernando, VI Region, Chile. Value CLP $ 20.000 per person.
Located 35 minutes from Santa Cruz on the way to Lolol. Each Tour includes walks through the vineyards introduction to organic and biodynamic agriculture, with a visit to the boutique winery, in addition to tasting, ranging from 4 reserve wines with the Tour Araucano.
Vineyard located in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua where besides appreciating its avant-garde infrastructure, it has the possibility of participating in a unique culinary experience in Colchagua and Cachapoal where the chef invites you to accompany it to the market in search of the best and freshest local ingredients .

Automobile Museum in Colchagua

The new museum of the Cardoen Foundation, located in Santa Cruz Vineyard: The Automobile Museum exhibits a permanent collection of more than 50 cars, from different eras and specialties, only 30 minutes from the city of Santa Cruz, on the route to Lolol . It has a price of 5 thousand chilean pesos for adults and 2 thousand for children. With continuous  schedule from 10:00 to 18:30, from Monday to Sunday.

San José del Carmen Museum of El Huique

Since it is a colony house that has a church with a bell tower 23 meters high, it is therefore possible to appreciate the customs of the haciendas in the central area of ​​the 19th century. The process of restoration of the museum has allowed to recover the patronal house in its architecture, rooms, gardens, conserving its content and collections.
Located at 13.5 km from Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua

Museum of Chilean Crafts

The Museum of Chilean Crafts, is located in the commune of Lolol, just 20 minutes from the city of Santa Cruz, was declared a National Monument in the category of Typical Zone, has collections of Pañul ceramics, mapuche pottery, crafts of the Easter Island, among others houses an important collection corresponding to the Catholic University.
Located 3.2 km from Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua.


Vino Bello

Only one kilometer and a half from the Cava Colchagua Hotel, you will find this Italian specialty restaurant. Created by a family of Italian-American origin. Due to this, it has a cozy and familiar atmosphere with exquisite dishes and a wonderful natural environment located in Laura Hartwing vineyards.Located 1.4 km from Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua

Casa Colchagua

Only one and a half kilometers from the Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua. This Restaurant delivers a complete experience of flavors and customs of the field. Made with products from the area and therefore with the best wines from Chile. Located in the Laura Hartwig vineyards, with a privileged view of the Colchagua Valley.Located 1.5 km from Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua

Viu Manent's Rayuela Wine & Grill Restaurant.

His Menu is based on the use of vine wood but it is possible to find oysters. It is located in the middle of the vineyards with a privileged view, highlights its cafeteria where you can find local pastries, sandwiches, gourmet salads and natural fruit juices. Located 9.8 km from Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua

Fuegos de Apalta

It is the restaurant of the famous Chef Francis Mallmann, located in Montes Vineyard. A place where you can enjoy good food and especially a good wine. So you will live here a great culinary experience. In Montes, apart from the Bistró, they have a botanical trekking tour, among other activities that can be done in the vineyard.
Plot 15, Millahue de Apalta, Viña Montes, Santa Cruz, Region VI. (Phone: (56-72) 817 815 annex 108 and 120) .Located 11.7 km from Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua

Casa Silva Restaurant

It has a menu of international food and typical Chilean food, the restaurant it´s located inside the wine cellar, is characterized by being inside the barrel room of Casa Silva Vineyard in San Fernando, with the wood that used to be used in the old wooden vats.Located 9.8 km from Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua

Restaurant Casita de Barreales.

In the center of the city on the Boulevard de la Viña. Sample of typical Peruvian gastronomy, known for pisco sour, ceviche, fish, "Suspiro limeño", seafood. Ubicado 3.5 km from Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua.

Social Union Club

Located in front of the Plaza de Santa Cruz. Its dishes include beef, meat rolls, Chilean pork, chuat de guatitas, pork ribs with chili, among other dishes. For what has gained fame in the area. Located 3.3 km from Hotel Santa Cruz Cava Colchagua


Complementing the National Holidays, in Colchagua some events are celebrated where it is possible to appreciate the Creole culture. You can enjoy these events by staying at our Hotel Cava Colchagua

Gastronomic Fair of Colchagua

In the month of January, organized by the corporation "Raza Chilena" in the Plaza de Armas of Santa Cruz. It is a sample of local gastronomy, party of excellent organization due to this is in fact one of the most attractive events of the year.

Fiesta Costumbrista de la Trilla a Mare Drops

It takes place in San Pedro de Alcántara in the month of January. With gastronomy of the area that includes "empanadas" of meat, roasted meats, charquicán, casserole of bovine. Therefore, it generates a lot of attention from tourism. You can also observe the process through threshing to loose mare. By trotting the animals, it is possible to separate the straw from the grain, on the gravel.

Fiesta de Nancagua

It is done in the month of February. It involves several activities that last a week, including a dance on Saturday. Because they highlight national and international artists has many followers.

Craft Fair, Gastronomy and Antiques

It takes place the second week of February. It is a sample of the traditions in the main square of San Fernando.

Surf Tour Wings Tour

It takes place in the month of February for three days, this surfing world championship in Punta de Lobos, featured surfers from around the world. It is therefore a very attractive event in the area.

Lololina Week

It is a sample of manners charged with traditions that takes place the second week of February.

Colchagua Harvest Festival

It is an activity organized by the Colchagua vineyards, it takes place during the first fortnight of March, in the Main Square of Santa Cruz, there are also other activities that take place in other places of Colchagua. It is therefore a sample of the best wines of Chile. It is also ideal for getting to know the local crafts and gastronomy.

National Meeting of Tunas and Estudiantinas

It is held every year between March and April, bringing together exponents of this musical expression, organized by the Cultural, Patrimonial and Costumbrista Raza Chilena Corporation and the Santa Cruz Plaza Hotel. Because of this it brings together music lovers.

Fiesta de la Vendimia in Peralillo

It takes place on April 13 and 14 in the Municipal Park of Peralillo, is a sample of the best wines and cuisine in the area.

Marchigüe Liebrate

During the month of August this typical activity is carried out related to the hunting of the hare, with dog races and ranchero festival.

Gastronomic Party of the Paila Marina Gigante

It is carried out during the month of September in the municipality of Paredones, it is the preparation of a marine paila that measures two meters wide and one meter deep, also folklore.

National Contest of unpublished compositions of Cueca

During the month of September in the commune of Santa Cruz is held this festival that revolves around the Cueca where the best exponents of National Folklore meet.

Fiesta of San Francisco

In the month of October in San Pedro de Alcántara this festival is celebrated with hundreds of pilgrims who meet in missions and masses.

International Carriage Meeting in Lolol

It takes place in the month of October, competition of carriages with local foods, tasting wines, crafts.

International Surfing Championship

It takes place in Pichilemu, between October and December. With competitors from all over the world, the Quiksilver Surfing and Ceremonial Punta de Lobos Championship is also held this month. This event is part of the world circuit of big waves. It is the most important surfing championship of the year that takes place in Pichilemu.


In November this agricultural fair takes place, in the city of San Fernando, involved cattle breeding, fine horses and crafts.

Dry Coastal Fair

In November this fair is held in Pumanque is a sample of the dryland traditions, which translate into their values, culture, folklore, cuisine, agriculture and crafts.

National Meeting of Orchestras

In the month of November it takes place in the commune of San Fernando, it is free concerts in churches and other public places.

National Festival of the Chilean Christmas Carol

In the month of December of the commune of Nancagua, a festival of carols in folkloric style around the adoration of the Crib.

Feast of the Lamb in Litueche

It takes place in the month of December, it is a gastronomic sample, equestrian shows, presentation of folkloric groups, shearing and crafts.