CAVA COLCHAGUA’S priority is our guests health, we work to bring safety to your stay.

In CAVA COLCHAGUA we have reinforced our preventive measures, our cleaning system, and training for our collaborators. Furthermore, we have implemented simpler processes that guarantee social distancing and plenty of information for our guests.

For your knowledge and serenity, we inform you of some of the additional precautionary actions we have taken…


• Temperature check upon arrival to the hotel.
• Hand washing with water and soap or hand sanitizer upon arrival and permanently.
• Change of clothes upon arrival.
• Increase in number of lockers to keep clothes away from the rest of collaborators.
• Implementation of social distancing measures such as change of shifts and breaks in resting room.
• All cleaning and food operator staff has to use masks and gloves of a single use during working hours.
• Training and monitoring also include annexes in Best Practices Manuals, among others.
• Signage in work areas to remind maintaining personal hygiene and following disinfecting measures in hotel areas such as kitchen, laundry room, spa and rooms, all of which require a different treatment and cleaning process.


• Weekly fumigation of exterior common areas.
• The hotel’s floor is marked to delimitate social distancing and indicate the way IN and OUT.
• Higher frequency of disinfection of all public areas (handrails, interrupters, tables, door handles, among others).
• All glassware and cutlery is sterilized utilizing sanitizer and a dishwasher at high temperature.
• We have equipped our rooms only with the necessary elements and we make sure to sterilize all control remotes and surfaces.
• Hand sanitizer available for every guest and personnel.
• All information leaflets have been removed from Front Desk, and working tools have limited to individual use only. Mandatory use of facial shield, and protective glass implemented.
• A sink for hand washing has been installed at Front Desk for exclusive use of Hospitality.
• Room keys are disinfected.
• Guests have the option of no room cleaning service.
• We use disinfectants approved by regulatory authorities to eliminate the virus.
• All sheets are disinfected in a high temperature washing machine.
• We air every room leaving windows open after the departure of a guest and arrival of another.
• Rooms are left locked for 24 hours after a guests check out.
• Rooms are fumigated after use.
• All bedding is vacuumed with a water filter machine that eliminates the virus and then put into a dryer at high temperature.

Actions for OUR GUESTS:

• On-line check in (documents have to be scanned and sent to the hotel’s e-mail) and documents revised at the hotel.
• Guests will be asked to complete a formulary stating details of their recent trip and health situation.
• Guests’ bags are disinfected upon arrival.
• Every guest who asks for a mask will be provided of one.
• It is mandatory that the guests use masks in public areas.
• Reservations are confirmed via bank transfer or guarantee for the total of the reservation, guarantee will be charged 7 days prior to the check in (advance payment).
• Check out will ideally be checked the day before through e-mail or WhatsApp and the guest will have to pay through bank transfer or a charge made to their credit card with previous authorization (no cash accepted).
• Buffet breakfast has been eliminated and replaced by room service in trays directly to the guest’s bed or an outdoor breakfast table just outside their room.
• Breakfast products have been modified to low manipulation products and product which have to be manipulated are vacuum sealed.
• Communication with our Hospitality is recommended through WhatsApp, cell phone or internal phone system.
• Doctors available via cell phone in case it is required.


• Temperature check for every guest who uses the spa.
• Before initiating the massage, the guest has to take a shower.
• Wearing jewelry, watches, etc. is not permitted and wearing a mask is mandatory during the massage.
• Massage therapists need to: have their temperature checked, wear a mask and face shield, tie their hair and change their uniform at least once a day.
• Additional sterilization after every therapy and cleaning with disinfectant during the night.
• Pool area: additional cleaning of all furniture for regular intervals during day and night time.
• Pool towels need to be requested at Front Desk (2 per room) and left by the guests in a designated area to do it.

Taking care of each other is OUR responsibility and with a shared compromise we can achieve your dream of a well-deserved safe holiday and our dream of having you back in our Hotel!!

We will continue to adopt the precautionary measures recommended by the WHO and local authorities to make sure we contribute to stopping the spreading of this virus.

For further information you can contact the Ministry of Health of Chile at 600 360 7777 or visit