For CAVA COLCHAGUA health is our priority, we work to provide security in your stay.

At CAVA COLCHAGUA we have reinforced the precautionary measures, the cleaning regime, the training of our collaborators and we have implemented simpler processes that guarantee distance and a lot of information for our guests.

For your information and peace of mind, we communicate some additional preventive actions that we have taken…

• Temperature check at entering the Hotel.
• Hand washing with water, soap or hand sanitizer constantly.
• Change of clothes before entering the Hotel.
•. More lockers to store street clothes without contact with the rest.
• Implement actions for social distancing such as shift modifications and separated lunch shifts in the dining room.
• All cleaning team and food handlers wear single-use masks and gloves during work hours.
• Training and monitoring which include annexes to good practice manuals, risk matrix, among others.
• Signage in workspaces to remember to maintain personal hygiene and comply with sanitation measures in the different areas of the hotel such as the kitchen, laundry, spa and rooms, which each require a different treatment.

• Weekly fumigation of outdoor common areas.
• The hotel floor is marked to indicate social distancing with entrance and exit delimited.
• Increase in the frequency of disinfection of all public areas (handrails, switches, counters, door handles, among others).
• Sterilization of all glassware and cutlery using a high temperature dishwasher and sanitizer.
• We limit ourselves to basic furniture in rooms and with sterilization of plasticized remote controls and all surfaces.
• Hand sanitizer available for guests and staff.
• Stationery stores were eliminated from reception desk; stationery items were limited to individual use, a barrier on the lobby desk was implemented and mandatory use of a face shield.
• At the reception, a hand wash was implemented for the exclusive use of Hospitalities.
• Room keys are sanitized.
• There is the option of not having room cleaning during the stay.
• We use sanitizers approved by the regulatory authorities that eliminate the virus.
• All sheets have been sanitized in a high temperature wash.
• We ventilate the room by leaving windows open between the departure of one guest and the arrival of another.
• Rooms are left unused for 24 hours after each guest’s check out.
• Rooms are fumigated after Check out.
• All pillows, down, and footboards are vacuumed with a water filter machine that eliminates viruses and then goes through a dryer for heat stroke.

• On-line check in (documents are scanned) and document check at your arrival.
• Guests are required to complete a form in which they declare details of their recent trip and personal statement of health.
• Guests’ suitcases are sanitized upon arrival.
• We provide a pair of masks to all guests who request it per stay.
• Guests are required to wear a mask in public areas.
• Reservations are made with a guarantee over your credit card and the entire stay is charged 7 days before check in (prepayment).
• The check out is ideally carried out in a non-face-to-face way the day before departure (details are verified via e-mail or WhatsApp) and the credit card is charged with prior approval of the guest (cash is not accepted).
• Buffet breakfasts were eliminated and, for the moment, they are replaced by room service to be served on trays or at outdoor tables located outside each room.
• The breakfast format was modified to low-handling products and most of the products handled are vacuum sealed.
• Communication with our Hospitality via WhatsApp, telephone or internal phone system is recommended.
• We have doctors on call if required.

• Temperature measurement for all guests who use the spa.
• Before the massage begins, guests must take a shower.
• The use of jewelry, watches, and other accessories is not allowed, and the use of a mask is requested during the entire massage.
• Massage therapists should take their temperature, wear a mask, face shield, tie their hair and change their apron at least once a day.
• Additional sterilization after each spa treatment and overnight spraying of cleaning detergent.
• Pool area: extra cleaning of all furniture at regular intervals during the day and night.
• Towels for the pool area are requested in reception (2 per room) and deposited by the guests in a container exclusively for them.

Taking care of ourselves is the responsibility of "everyone" and with shared commitment we can achieve your dream of a well-deserved rest and our dream of receiving you!
We will continue to adopt precautionary measures as recommended by the WHO and health authorities to ensure we help stop the transmission of this virus.

We will continue to adopt precautionary measures as recommended by the WHO and health authorities to ensure we help stop the transmission of this virus.

For more information, contact the line 600 360 7777 of the Ministry of Health of Chile or