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Icon Colchagua Wine Spa

We offer baths in wooden tubs or hot tubs and massages , in an environment designed for wellbeing and relaxation inserted in grapevines where you can achieve a unique experience.

Baths in wooden tubs or hot tubs between our grape vines.

You can enjoy an outdoor bath.

45 minutes $ 35,000 (for two people)

Relaxation Massages between our grape vines

In those days when you are exhausted, what better than a good massage between our parronales?

45 minutes $ 30,000 p / p

45 minutes $ 60,000 p / p (4 hands two people at the same time)

* It is not necessary to bring towels since our Spa is implemented with bathroom and everything necessary for a pleasant and comfortable attention.
* Cancellation policy for guests with 5 hours in advance or 50% of the service will be charged, for non-guests of the Hotel 100% of the service will be charged
* Reservations for non-guest of the hotel with advance payment of 100% of the service.
* Values ​​include tax.